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Rio Grande Ship Model

Welcome to the Fascinating World of Recognition Scale (1/1200-1/1250) Ship Models

Willkommen zur faszinierenden Welt der Schifferkennungsmodelle im Maßstab 1/1200 – 1:1250

The premier resource for model ship collectors, hobbyists and enthusiastic purchasers of miniature schiffs, submarines, battle ships and more.

Our focus here at Rio Grande Ship Model is on International Ship Recognition Scale models and modeling. Recognition scale generally refers to miniature waterline models that are 1/1200 or the Continental equivalent 1/1250 where one inch inch of model represents a hundred feet of the actual ship’s length. Originally developed to allow late nineteenth century Naval observers to practice identifying (ID) ships at a distance, these models have evolved into a popular scale for collecting representative 3D models of ships past and present that can be stored with a modicum of space requirements.

Originally starting with Warships, then commercial mercantile models from classic makers such as Bassett-Lowke in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the modern collector has probably the widest range of available types , from sailing vessels, to Ocean liners and Merchant Cargo ships, to Cruise ships and Ro-Ro (roll on-roll off) carriers. Models can be made of lead, pewter, casting metal, wood and card, or plastic resins. These waterline models were also popular also with wargaming enthusiasts, where great Navies of aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers and submarines can all be handled with ease on the gameboard.

We here at Rio Grande Ship Model hope that you will enjoy this delightful hobby, and further explore it here and at related sites.